Russia VPS Server

Our Russia VPS Server hosting service are mounted on Dual-CPU Intel Servers With OpenVZ Virtualization. We are located in data pro datacenter located in Russia . Russia Offshore Linux VPS Hosting Services gives a lot of freedom to host anything on it.
We offer efficient and reliable Cloud VPS hosting solutions in Russia. Each Cloud VPS has a full root-access for adjust OS settings to your needs, install/set up required application and network settings. You can order configured VPS hosting service  specifically to meet your exact requirments.

Each server comes with:

  • Full Root access (SSH or RDP);
  • 1 IP (You can buy Extra IPs for Promo VPS);
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Installation any software;
  • 24×7 Support.

We offer
Bandwidth  :  500MB to 2TB
IPv4        :  One IP –  2 IPv4
Memory   :  512 MB  – 16 GB RAM
HDD        :    20GB  –  300GB
Operating System : Centos,  Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a type of web hosting that gives you many of the features of dedicated hardware (such as security, isolation, & customization) without the extra cost. VPS hosting plans include a dedicated amount of RAM memory and CPU cores as well as a fixed amount of SSD/HDD storage and monthly bandwidth. VPS hosting is perfect for medium-sized sites, web based business stores, or CMS contents that need additional power or stage stack customization that isn’t generally accessible on shared servers by default. Cloud VPS plans have optimized hardware & software environments for better overall performance speeds in website hosting operations.

This means that price really isn’t a barrier any more. Affordable Russia VPS Hosting has brought a web presence within the budgets of even the smallest of businesses. Who thanks to their web presence won’t stay small for too much longer. So if you are thinking about getting online and wondering where to find the best value deal for getting started then affordable Russia VPS Hosting could be the answer.

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